SIPEC : Syndicat des entreprises de l’Image, de la Photo et de l’Information - Image, Photo and Communication Companies’ Association

Founded in 1975, SIPEC has become a real focal point for the Image, Photography and Communication professions.,

It represents everyone involved in the photo equipment and printing solutions market - general public and professionals -, which accounts for over two billion euros in estimated sales.

Members :

Amongst the image chain products manufactured or distributed in France by our members are cameras, lenses, flashes, printers, photo accessories, binoculars, image processing equipment, printing terminals, mini-labs and large-format printers. This activity gives rise to monthly statistics.

SIPEC is involved through discussions and initiatives to promote photography and its environment in the world of Digital, Multimedia and Networks. SIPEC is a member of USPII.

USPII ( is associated with FIEEC (, which allows SIPEC to take advantage of the services offered by FIEEC.

USPII : Union des Syndicats Professionnels de l’Image et de l’Information
Union of Professional Image and Information Associations

Founded in 2005,USPII ’s members include the leading companies in the Image and Information sector and represents sales estimated at over five billion euros spread across three areas of activity - equipment, consumables and services -, which are represented respectively by its three component parts SIPEC, SNSII and CFP

This union encourages cohesion between members of the image and information sector and provides them with the means to pursue their actions: gathering statistical data, publishing sector-based indicators lobbying ministries, providing information to the public, communication and organising professional events.

Its Committees are hotbeds of discussion and action, and aim to create the right conditions for maintaining a dynamic approach to the market.

USPII is associated with FIEEC (La Fédération des Industries Electriques, Electroniques et de Communication - ) and is thus able to offer a wide range of high-quality legal, financial, documentary and advisory services.

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SIPEC - Syndicat des entreprises de l’Image, de la Photo Et de la Communication
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